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How To Meal Prep Your Way To Weight Loss Success

How To Meal Prep Your Way To Weight Loss Success…

Hello Red Carpet Community:

The other day I received a call from one of my Wholistic Nation Health Coaching Program clients that was a bit discouraged because she engaged in what she termed a “awful slip”.  After I allowed her to vent her frustrations I had her to go back over her healthy journey plans for the week.
It wasn’t hard for us to quickly determine that she had left the house in a rush without arming herself with her backup plans.  There’s a old saying that states when we fail to plan we plan to fail…The same holds true when we carefully layout a plan and find ourselves in a situation were we can’t execute it.

Why Meal Prepping Helps Secure Success

Meal prepping is a great way to make sure that you stay on your journey to get healthier and ultimately lose weight.  Other benefits include saving both time and money. You also avpod unhealthy food selections and less trips running back and forth to the store when you find that you don’t have everything you need to stay on the right track.

When you prepare meals ahead of time you also alleviate the hassles of trying to figure out what to cook and those excursions to expensive restaurants eating foods that you have very little control over where they came from or how they are prepared.  You can also avoid making bad snack selections from vending machines and fast food joints.  Those benefits alone should appeal to everyone.

Meal Prep Hacks

Now let’s delve in and discuss some of the meal prep hacks.  I share these with my coaching clients that help them to prepare, shop and organize their meals into choices they can easily manage every day for the week.

#1 Pick A Day

Decide on one specific day of the week that you will dedicate to shop for and cook your meals.   This means that you will only have to fire up the stove and chop and slice your vegetables and meats on one particular day and time of the week which will free you up to do other things that you want and need to do.

#2  Convenience

If you don’t have one buy yourself a good crock pot as this will save you a great deal of  money, effort and time.  You can create your own meals by tossing in some meat, veggies, spices and broth that will burst with flavor. If you don’t trust your own talents no problem, the Internet is home to thousands and thousands of crock pot recipes.

#3  Snacks

Always have a plan for snacks. The client I mentioned above found herself vulnerable because she ended up being away from home longer than she had anticipated. This resulted in her ending up overeating later in the day because she had missed a meal and snack.  Most people like to snack between meals. That can be the worse time to be caught off guard without a action plan. (snack)  A quick trip to the vending machine can be a deadly move to your meal plan and exercise regimen.  Instead of setting yourself up for possible failure, make sure to keep some healthy snacks on hand. This helps a lot should you get hit with unexpected hunger pains.

#4  Understand Your Food

To Thine Own Food Be True. (Know Your Food’s Freshness Timeline)  Some foods like apples can begin to brown once they have been sliced. So time may be of the essence when it comes to consuming them.  The better thing to do is wait to slice foods such as these when it is closer to the time that you will eat them.

#5  Organize

Organize your refrigerator prior to prepping your meals.  You don’t want to be in a hurry. Searching for the meals that you took the time to prepare should be labeled and organized.  Also it’s okay to repeat meals during the week.  I have some clients who do not mind eating the same items over and over.  What matters most is that it is something that you can stick to.  So if you are easily bored with the same items make sure you incorporate as much variety as you need to keep you focused on your goals.

Make Meal Prep Part Of Your Life

As you begin to incorporate these meal prep hacks and techniques I am certain that you will think of even more ideas and tips. As you take ownership it will make your journey enjoyable.  There are many blogs devoted to meal prepping. So make sure that you share other ideas that you find or think of with our Red Carpet Diet Community below.

Andrea 🙂

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